Monday, October 17, 2011

Making a house a home

I’m not sure if it’s because Halloween is right around the corner, or if it’s the promise of fall that is so close, I can feel it…
but either way, I find myself drawn to browns, oranges, and pumpkin spice in a way like never before. As of lately I have slowly started adding touches of golden sunset to my kitchen and décor in the rest of the house. Just looking at the colors makes the thought of Thanksgiving’s pumpkin and pecan pies come to mind. It is just so wonderful how a bit of new color can make the ho hum and boring, brand new! I am now considering if I should make the browns and oranges even a stronger statement.
If you are like me and love making small changes to give a brand new impact to your house then now is the time to do it! Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming soon and it’s about time you take your house from drab to fab and impress your friends this holiday! If you don’t know what color you want, CertaPro painters has a great consulting process with color experts and they have the ability put your house into a program where you can change the colors of your house as many times as you want just with the click of a button (now you can look at thousands of colors without even touching your wallet!).
To set up an appointment with CertaPro Painters call 706.993.9600 or email Get started on a brand new look for the holidays today!

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